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We like finding people who think inside the BOXX.

We’re looking for the best people in
cyber protection and insurance.

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What we do – invent today
to shape tomorrow.

Our Values
Our purpose is underpinned by our core values, which guide us in delivering on our promises:

  • Respect: We believe in the importance of respecting every individual, ensuring they are seen, heard and empowered to succeed. Our approach is always relevant, meaningful and personal. At BOXX, we’re all about people helping people.
  • Grit: We tackle challenges head-on, making an impact while keeping things simple. We actively listen, take action and hold each other accountable to support our fellow BOXXers and customers in achieving success.
  • Different: We celebrate and embrace what makes us unique. We reach across roles, borders and boundaries to help each other learn, grow and succeed. By doing so, we fuel innovation and deepen connections because being different makes us better.

We're looking for talented people who
want to make our digital world safer.

At BOXX Let's are a group of passionate and curious people building products and  technology to increase the safety and sustainability of businesses and consumers  being online—and we're just getting started.

“Cyberboxx is a game changer given the rise in number and sophistication of cyber threats.”

- Imran Ahman, partner and national cybersecurity leader, Blakes LLP